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[S2E1] Mr. Monk Goes Back To School __LINK__

But later that day, it turns out Derek's plan wasn't so perfect. He is approached by the school's groundskeeper Iverson, who tells him that morning he had lied to Monk about seeing anything unusual the day Beth was killed. The groundskeeper goes on to say that he didn't really know what he was looking at at first, but the way Derek had pulled it off was pretty clever. He offers to keep his mouth shut, but for a price - $10,000.

[S2E1] Mr. Monk Goes Back to School

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Monk goes back to Derek to inform him that he's on his way out since the administrators have found a fulltime replacement English teacher. Derek seems openly disappointed, suggesting that Monk would have been a great teacher. But Monk admits he'll still be on campus, just not teaching. He reveals that he's caught a break in Beth's murder: her eyeglasses weren't on her body when she jumped and they were nowhere near the clock tower. He informs Derek that tomorrow morning, the police will be coming to the campus and they are going to turn over every rock on campus until they find the eyeglasses. Monk explicitly doesn't mention that he has in fact already found them.

He spent 27 years in the Senate but resigned, quitting his post as Majority Leader, when he ran against President Bill Clinton in 1996, becoming the last presidential candidate to have served in World War II. He lost, but as his wife, Elizabeth (who later became a Senator herself) said, "Bob Dole is a fighter. You can't hold him down. He's going to bounce back. The third day after he had lost the election, he goes on the Letterman show."

Disillusioned with White liberal reaction to the civil rights movement, Moses soon began taking part in demonstrations against the Vietnam War. He worked as a teacher in Tanzania, Africa, returned to Harvard to earn a doctorate in philosophy, and taught high school math in Cambridge, Mass. He later taught math in Jackson, Miss., while commuting back-and-forth to Massachusetts on the weekends.

Desmond began dating a woman named Ruth in 1988 for six years. Ruth said the closest thing Desmond came to a religious experience in that time was when Celtic won the Scottish cup in 1989. Later that year, a week before their wedding date, Desmond woke up on the street after a night of drinking, fueled by wedding fears. Brother Campbell, a monk at a monastery in Eddington, Scotland, offered him help, which led Desmond to believe he had a calling to become a monk too. Desmond entered the monastery. He impressed and surprised Campbell by keeping his vow of silence, earning status as a novice monk and the title "Brother." Ruth's brother Derek tracked Desmond down at the monastery and punched him, leading Desmond to seek out closure with Ruth. Ruth didn't buy Desmond's claims of a spiritual experience and told him he was just running away because he was scared. After this rebuke, Brother Campbell found Desmond drinking the wine that the monastery vineyards produced. He told Desmond that he did not think that he should be a monk, and obviously was meant for a greater purpose. As Desmond was getting ready to leave, he met Penelope Widmore, who introduced herself as she was picking up several crates of wine for her father, Charles Widmore. They flirted, and she offered to take him back to Carlisle with her. ("Catch-22") Although he wasn't a monk for long, Desmond would continue calling people "brother" in affection and habit.

Later, Desmond returned to the school's parking lot where he ran over Locke. While observing him, he starts the car, and Ben jumps in front of it, recognizing him as the man who had run over Locke days ago, and shouts for someone to call the police. Desmond gets out of the car and punches Ben. As Ben is held down on the hood, he says he won't let Desmond hurt Locke again. Calmly Desmond tells him that he is not there to hurt him but to help Locke "let go." Ben asks who he is, and Desmond replies by saying "Do you want to know who I am?" and then beats Ben violently. While he is being punched, Ben has a flash of Desmond beating him while they were at the marina in LA. Desmond leaves with Ben confused and laying beaten and bruised on the ground. Desmond then goes to the LAPD and asks to see a detective. He is brought to Detective Ford, to whom he states that he had beaten a teacher senseless and had run over a man in a wheelchair, and turns himself in. Desmond is taken to a holding cell. He smiles as he joins Sayid and Kate in the cells.Det. Ford arrives at the cells to hand over Sayid, Desmond and Kate for transfer. Kate makes her last bid for Ford to let her go, but while he looks tempted, he tells her it isn't going to happen. As they are traveling in the wagon, a smiling Desmond says that it is time to leave. Sayid says he is a crazy person who turned himself in. Desmond partially confirms this by saying that he ran over a guy in a wheelchair. He accepts that he is crazy but says the issue is whether they want to get out of here or not. He says that when the driver stops he will need their trust because after he sets them free he will exact a promise from each of them to do something. Kate and Sayid both make their promise, skeptically.The paddy wagon pulls to a stop and Officer Cortez frees the three, asking for her pay-off. A yellow Hummer arrives and Hurley jumps out. He remarks that he hadn't known Ana-Lucia was going to be there, but then realizes he shouldn't have said that when Ana says she doesn't know him. He gives her $125,000. Hurley asks Desmond whether she is coming with them but he says she isn't ready yet. Cortez leaves. Hurley points out his Camaro parked nearby, including keys and the other things they'll need. Sayid goes with Hurley, while Kate accompanies Desmond, who takes a cocktail dress from the trunk of the Camaro and tells her "We are going to a concert." ("What They Died For") 041b061a72


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